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Michael Gebert

entrepreneurial senior executive

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executive Summary

After his studies of economics in Munich, Michael startet his career at LTX in Boston. Two years later he returned to Germany to be an early employee of Compuserve. 1995 he founded his first company Global Login, to consult banks to manage and understand the challenges of the digital transformation. After a successful trade-sale of his first Start-Up he founded AdMaster Networks, a european digital advertising powerhouse and sold the entity to be part of a joint entity named ArboMedia, going public at the Neuen Markt 2001.

Michael was 2002 one of the early experts to understand the implication of wireless broadband ( WLAN ) for the digital transformation and served as VP for ComFone in Berne, a joint venture of Swisscom and Vodafone to established WLAN as part of a serviced integrated product portfolio for tear one mobile operators around the world. In that time he founded and established the Wireless Broad Awards - a bi-annual award show in Dubai and London - that should later be integrated into the WBA Allliance, the world´s largest alliance of WLAN operators.

Driven by innovation, Michael has shifted his focus till then to understand the risks and chances of crowd-based phenomenas, like CrowdSourcing, CrowdInnovation and Crowdfunding. His goals is to adapt the learnings of several publications and academic papers of his and the impact to manage disruption caused by these topics for SMEs and established industry players. Michael is founding board member of the CrowdSourcing Association and the German CrowdFounding Network. He serves as adviser for the EU Commission in the CrowdFunding Stakeholder Group in Brussels and a nominated member of the TAB Begleitkreis „Digitale Arbeit“ for the Deutschen Bundestag.

  1. 21 years sales & results orientated experience ( B2B and B2C )
  2. 18 years of senior management background
  3. 15 years of lobbying expertise
  4. Extensive international network
  5. Initiator of powerful and efficient social media and loyalty concepts for major brands
  6. Ph.D. on crowdsourcing innovation models and riskmanagement

Achievements / Skills

Positive, persistent, independent, goal oriented, self motivated personality with excellent social-interpersonal skills in multi-cultural environments.

Experience and influence applied through multiple successful international new business buildups with merger and acquisition exits.

Work Experience

2013 - Present

CEO / Founder

Crowd Mentor Network / CrowdSourcing Assocation

    Crowd Mentor Network is a innovation council for large companies to unlock the collaborative: the sharing economy, the maker movement, and crowd business models.

    CrowdSourcing Association is Germanys leading association to represent Crowd-X related businesses. Through intensive lobby work and intensive government tears a new set of regulatory for CrowdFunding could be established and presented at CrowdFunding stakeholder forum at the European Commission.

2001 - Present

CEO / Founder

marketing society, Munich

    marketing society is a consultancy founded to help realize maximized success in developing and implementing powerful marketing and business concepts for various international clients. Portfolio customers include companies like Siemens, T-Mobile, Swisscom, BT, NTT DoCoMo and Triumph. marketing society´s core business concept is underlined by a very solid social networking approach.

    In 2009 the Tweet Academy has been launched to help companies leverage social media engagements - more than 200 companies have been trained.

    marketing society also initiated the prestigious annual Wireless Broadband Innovation Awards, held in London and Dubai.

Nov 2002 - Aug 2009

Director Marketing

Comfone AG, Berne

    This was a highly result orientated marketing position. Comfone is one of the leading international mobile roaming specialists with customers in over 130 countries. Position entailed strategic development of all global marketing activities, leading a team of 8 operation managers in an extremely fast moving market. Direct reporting to the CEO and board. Tasks included marketing portfolio development and execution for each target market in close coordination with the product management team. Project lead on planning and launching a completely new Corporate identity with Inter-/Intranet development combining CRM, SEM, SEO and Alliance-Affiliate promotions.

    For the first three years this was a full time responsibility. Then local managers took over more task and the input was gradually reduced.

2005 - 2008

Project Development DACH

Wayport, Copenhagen

    Wayport was a business associate of Comfone and as the Comfone input reduced, Wayport requested assistance in parallel with Comfone. Wayport is a danish-american organisation specialized in wireless broadband solutions for the hospitality industry with a strong market focus onto the nordic regions. Responsibility and tasks included to develop the DACH market approach from the ground up to meet and exceed planned targets, grow and maintain key accounts while building long term partnerships. Planned and implemented sales processes, documentation, training and customer service. After all prospective revenue and customer targets were achieved, a full- time general manager was aquired and trained. In 2008 the project was successfully completed and Wayport become part of AT&T.

1998 - 2001

Board Member / Co-Founder

Admaster Network / Arbo Media AG, Munich

    Within 3 years the online marketing specialist adMaster has been built up to a company with 105 employees and 12 european operations. Generating a combined revenue of 20 Mio EUR, adMaster managed over 2 Billion Adviews per month. 2000 the company was merged with the offline advertising firm Arbomedia AG and pretested for IPO at the Neuer Markt. 2001 Arbomedia went public after an international Roadshow to London, Frankfurt and New York. 74,2 Mio EUR could be raised at the initial offering. 2001 the stockprices began to decline and adMaster was completely integrated via a tradesale deal.

1995 - 1998

CEO / Co-Founder

Global Login GmbH, Munich

    co-founded Global Login GmbH, specialized in high security community environments for banks. Customer portfolio included Deutsche Bank, Sparkasse, Advance Bank and Raiffeisenbank.The company employed a fulltime staff of 18 colleagues and one of the early boutique internet agencies with a clear customer focus on specialized user groups. With the first and only non banking customer, Avery Zweckform, came the need to built a community website for 90.000 secretaries as a gatekeeper portal.To outperform traditional marketing efforts, Global Login developed a highly targeted internet promotion system called adMaster. The early adMaster system represented around 120 individual websites, especially unsold adstock from online properties of print publications. In cooperation with Ebner Verlagsgruppe as early bird investor, adMaster was established as a single entity spin off.

Mar 1995 - Dec 1995

Support Manager

Compuserve Germany, Munich

    Compuserve started it ́s EMEA operations in 1994. For the purpose to understand the complete technical skillset of the Internet from the core, besides a solid marketing background, tasks included to collaborate with the support team and consumers on all inbound technical support requirements.

1993 - 1995

Product Manager EMEA

LTX Corp, Boston

    LTX Corp, a leader in testing devices for the chip manufactoring industry like Intel or Infineon. Headquartered in Boston, MA. , areas of responsibility included to research, strategize and pretest the EMEA market for a new low cost product portfolio with direct reporting to the VP Global Sales. Skill set included solutions selling with service portfolio for high volume requirements and the ability to work independently with high level of self- motivation and time management.


Munich University / University of Glamorgan

Ph.D/DBA, Crowdsourcing Innovationsmodels and Risk Management
2009 - 2013

The purpose of the research is to illuminate the possibility of mitigating risks associated with crowdsourcing innovation. The ultimate goal of the research is to provide an answer for the question on 'How to manage risks of crowdsourcing innovation in companies'.

Munich University (Fachhochschule München)

Dipl. Betriebswirt (FH) - Major Marketing, 1992

Carrera Century Toys, Nuremberg

Industriekaufmann (IHK), 1988

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